Episode 010 – Iron Man Crush

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You may have noticed that in the course of doing this show Justin and myself have become very skilled at talking. I don’t mean just good at it either. We are experts and you will respect us as such! No really. If you doubt me then listen to this episode. It’s crazy how I’ll say something and then Justin will respond and then I’ll respond to his response. Our word volley goes back and forth with such articulate force that your inexperienced ears might even perceive a mistake or two. Of course that’s not possible because we don’t make mistakes (we make ground breaking podcast episodes). Obviously this can only mean one thing. You’re not doing it right and it’s all your fault. Not to worry though because I have a solution. It is possible to get better at listening to us and all it takes is just lots and lots of practice. To help with that I present to you our first 30 minute long episode. Stay tuned for the next one on the 15th and then twice a month going forward. It’s the best better one that is yet!

That’s not the big news though. What’s incredible is that this our 10th episode and to celebrate we got a surprise guest and it’s kind of huge. I should probably set this up first. A couple of months ago I responded to a tweet from Jonathan Coulton where he was just saying he had just been on a podcast. I saw this as an opportunity and pounced with something like “How do I get you to be on our show?!”. Honestly it was kind of a joke so I was shocked when he responded by saying I should send an official request through his official website. Needless to say I sat down and spent what was probably an embarrassing amount of time composing the perfect message to entice him to record with us. Then even more shockingly I got a personalized response saying that his schedule was kind of tight but he’d see what was possible and get back to me. Long story short he did just that a week later and to my surprise said . . . no way . . . but I could check back in at around six months. So this episode we have my wife Lindsey LeMay as a guest. She’s way prettier than Coulton and even though we barely let her get a word in edge wise I think you’ll agree she’s a great addition. Lets give a big round of applause for Lindsey! On that note aside from the changes in the time and frequency we’d also like to have more guests going forward. If you’re interested let us know by email and we’ll see what we can do. Also tell your friends and family about us now so that when you’re a guest they’ll be prepared. Finally if you want to bombard Coulton with various pleas that he do our show you can do that here and here. See you in two weeks!

So, this episode is host to a plethora of Firsts for us:
First 30 minute episode
First episode to feature a female guest
First episode recorded while drinking Diet Coke and Jack Daniels
First episode recorded with a live show band
First episode to get national exposure
First time Josh did that thing with his tongue
First kiss (unrelated to above tongue thing)
First instance of on-air spontaneous combustion ever recorded
First (of many?) celebrity guest cameos
First episode to ever feature a live animal
First episode to ever feature a dead animal
First episode to make you feel like real man and/or woman

I hope you enjoy the show – see you in two weeks!
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Things Discussed, however briefly, during the show:

The Blacklist, Supernova, Boston Legal, Zombieland (TV), Zombieland, Continuum, Parks and Recreation, The Office (UK), The Office (US), SNL, Upright Citizens Brigade, 30 Rock, Bob’s Burgers, Iron Man 3, Iron Man 2, Iron Man, RIPD, The Peter Principle, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Poltergeist, Saw, Saw 2, Go, Hellraiser


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5 Responses to Episode 010 – Iron Man Crush

  1. Erin says:

    if you do a Hellraiser party you so have to invite me

  2. Erin says:

    also, I like the shorter format better

  3. Matt Dodge says:

    What? No mention of Hellraiser on your list of “Things discussed, however briefly?”

  4. Good to hear Erin, I was hoping someone would say that. It might be a hike but yeah of course you’ll be invited. You’re right Matt that is one hell of an oversite . . .

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