Episode 014 – Posse Of One

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Justin is an anti-social jerk that continually refuses to shoot his friends in the face with a shotgun until they die. He hates it when people get their dirty hands all up in his games and yearns for the day when the doors to internet connectivity are forever closed. He is a video game hermit. I cannot stand idly by and let him go quietly into that cold dark night of only Single Player and menial Coop. So I have made it my life’s mission to get to the bottom of what is clearly a debilitating social disorder. I believe that with practice and patience he will learn the most derogatory of things you can say to a stranger while under the pseudo veil of anonymity. How to be as homophobic as possible while managing to retain an equal sense of sexism and racism. How to hump the corpse of the soilder you just killed. Not for glory or points but because it’s the right thing to do. Then after the sweat and tears have peeled away all that will remain is a man. All that will remain is someone who plays and enjoys competitive gaming. Except you know . . . minus all the stuff I just said. Those dicks are ruining it for the rest of us and literally everyone hates them. It’s almost sad if you let it be.

In other news we have joined a podcast collective (nope nothing alien or foreboding about that) and are meeting lots of other cool people that make some great podcasts of their own. I’m sure in the future you’ll see some of them on our show and possibly even Justin and me as guests on theirs. It’s a great group of people and I look forward to collaborating with them whenever possible. Well, at least I assume they’re great, honestly who can really tell anymore. One time I bought a sandwich from a convenience store, and the guy that made it went home and killed his wife. Although to be fair I probably shouldn’t have asked for extra mustard.

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Hello, Listeners! Some of you are returning guests; some of you are joining us for the first time. Welcome, one and all. Before you listen to the show, scroll back up and take a look at that graphic. Click the link to look at the larger size. Josh puts out a new image for every episode, and they’re always great, but this one just blows me away. Maybe it’s because I love Red Dead Redemption so much,  but I look as this image, and it just makes me happy.
If you like the show, spread the word -the more listeners we have, the better the odds are of us becoming millionaires and, quite possibly, sharing some of the wealth with you.
I’m sure you’ve all seen the formula:

1) Start Podcast
2) Gain Listeners
3) ????
4) Profit

So help us out with number 2, and we’ll take care of the rest.

You know what, it’s my podcast, and if I want to do another post then I’m doing it. It’s true the image I made for this one is probably the best I’ve ever done. Yes I’m a wizard with Photoshop and yes that needs to be praised. However I want to take a second and point out how good the song is this episode. Justin really out did himself and I think you should respect him as the musical maestro he clearly is. We’re both so much more talented than you!

Also “help us out with number 2”? Really Justin? How would someone even do that? Disgusting.

Things Discussed, however briefly, during the show:

Strip Search, Big Brother, Last Comic Standing, Penny Arcade, Survivor, Halo : Forward Unto Dawn, Tomb Raider, Quake 2, Quake 3, Rainbow Six, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands, Dead Island, Far Cry 3, Poker Night at the Inventory, Poker Night 2, Halo 4, Crysis, Call Of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare, Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2, Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3, Call Of Duty Black Ops, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Bioshock 2, Assassins Creed : Brotherhood, Mass Effect 3, Watch Dogs, GTA IV, GTA V, Hellraiser


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  1. Erin says:

    It’s about damn time you watched Strip Search! And Justin, get on it!!!

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