Episode 023 – Next Gen Burn

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It’s the time of year when anything can happen. You may wake up one morning and find yourself in possession of a brand new, next generation gaming machine. It’s also possible that you’re not ready for this great responsibility and feel overwhelmed by the potential of it all. You may even find your mind wandering to all of the titles you still need to get through on your current systems, and the idea of starting something new is too much. Well fear not because in this episode we discuss all of the reasons it’s ok to shelve that brand new console, and focus on your back log of games!

In addition, another one of our favorite shows recently came to an end. Let me give you a few hints on which one I mean. It’s about a character that used to be a spy until he was burned by the US Government. It takes place in Miami and stars Bruce Campbell. During it’s seven year run it was the highest rated show on the USA Network and is critically loved. If you’re still unsure then pull up a chair and listen to the episode that will forever change your life. This is the one where we discuss the final season of your new favorite show; Burn Notice!

Happy Holidays!


I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but this episode went up pretty late, and the text you’re reading now, even later. I want you to know, the blame for this can be placed squarely on the shoulders of one person: whoever gave me this damned cold/fever that I have right now. I went to bed around 5pm last night and missed every single one of Josh’s increasingly more frantic text messages that we needed to post the episode.
If you were one of the two or three people that checks our page super early on the 1st and 15th every month, well then to you, and only you, I apologize. Everyone else needs to step up their game and not be so reliant on social media reminders.
Enjoy the show!



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