030 – Super Ultra Turbo Edition

It’s finally happened! A Trouble with Words is 30 episodes old, and as a result has officially become an adult. Old enough to enjoy a Twisted Tea that’s for sure. Soon old enough to get married, have kids, and probably buy a house near its parents. Turning 30 is a beautiful thing that in no way is the most depressing event that’s ever happened to a podcast. Really. I mean who can blame it for drinking so much refreshing Twisted Tea!

What better way to celebrate this new found success then by discussing the classic one-on-one brawlers we played in our youth. Sitting down with a Twisted Tea in hand, talking with some old friends, and what better friend to discuss it with than our number one fan. The guy who listens to every episode and still manages to give positive feedback. An expert on all things fighting game – including button mashing, Twisted Tea and pausing the game in the middle of a match to look up moves. He is the father of a brand new baby boy and a former high school classmate. I’m of course referring to the one and only Matthew Dodge! Thanks Matt for being on the show and for bringing a sense of professionalism to the place! Please come back and enjoy another cold crisp Twisted Tea on us!

Now on to a pretty big announcement. You may have noticed that we talk about Twisted Tea a lot on the site. Things like how great it tastes, and how refreshing it is to drink. How it doesn’t count against your diet or in any way will influence the twelve step program you’re on. Well it looks like you weren’t the only ones that noticed. By some incredible twist of fate (like twisting the cap of an ice cold Twisted Tea) the fine folks at the Twisted Tea Brewing Company have decided to join forces with us. It shouldn’t impact the way we run the site or the show itself, and is really only going to improve everything that you already love. Trust me when I say that Twisted Tea is great! It’s products are both delicious and absent of any harmful ingredients. Can the other guys say that?

Stay tuned for next episode where we discuss the many flavors of Twisted Tea that are available. Thanks for listening and for drinking Twisted Tea!

CLICK HERE for our video that further explains everything!


Man, I can’t wait for the royalties from this Twisted Tea thing to start rolling in. I’m so glad they agreed to pay us only in Twisted Tea products, and even more glad that Josh doesn’t drink. This is going to be an incredible partnership.
At any rate, this episode we bring on long-time pal, Matthew Dodge. Matt’s been a loyal listener since episode one, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the field of fighting games, among other things.
Come spend 30 minutes with Matt and I, trying to get a word in edgewise while Josh rambles on incessantly about Street Fighter and how much better it is than any other fighting game. I mean, what is with that guy anyway?
Enjoy they show!




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