031 – A Little Bit Sketchy

Did you know that for awhile now we’ve been sharing a comedy scene at the end of every episode just for you? It’s true. After the final music comes to a close we break out our old improv shoes and try to make you laugh. Now while we know that it’s not always the best material, we’re still fairly confident that it will leave you entertained and eventually might even be great. So keep listening all the way to the end and enjoy hearing us willingly make fools out of ourselves for your enjoyment. It’s a hoot. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll actually try and write a scripted short.

So why have improv or sketch comedy in a podcast at all? Well mostly because it’s our show and we can do whatever we want. I guess we also do it because there are a lot of strange people and situations that we deal with on daily basis. Improv helps us to process those incidents while having the maximum amount of fun possible. We can reenact an earlier odd encounter with a mailman, or say that thing we’ve always wanted to say to our neighbor. Everyone is weird and turning them into characters that we play is therapeutic. In this episode we fill your head with knowledge of all the shows that taught us how to exploit those things for a laugh. They’re also the inspiration for everything we do creatively including this very podcast. Prepare to get learned.

Next up is our annual video episode where we talk all things PAX East 2014! See you soon and thanks for listening!

We just got back from PAX East 2014, and I think I slept a total of 12 hours over the last 5 days. I’m a little fried, but A Trouble with Words stops for no one – deliriously tired co-host or not. I hope you recognize, and appreciate, the things we do for you, dear listeners.
Anyway, this episode is about Sketch Comedy. I hope you find it adequate. I’m too tired to be more enthusiastic than that – perhaps I need a Twisted Tea…
Come back in two weeks for our PAX coverage!



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