032 – PAX East 2014

Every year I say it and every year it remains true. PAX is hard. Three days of intense stimulation with very little sleep and constant walking. Almost every meal a feast of substandard food at outrageous prices. Served to you in an assembly line manned by expo hall employees that couldn’t care less about customer satisfaction. It’s always too hot and you’re always late for a line that may or may not lead to something. Everyone around you is the oddest person you’ve ever seen, and it cost a fair amount of money just to get in the front door. When it suddenly draws to a close, you spend all of your free time editing together the piles of footage you shot for the special video episode of your podcast. An episode that very few people will actually watch . . . and you know what?

I fucking love it! All of it. I look forward to this trip with child-like anticipation every year. I mean of course I do. It’s a giant building filled with everything I care about, and when I go I’m surrounded by people just like me. I love reporting on the experience for our fans and jump at the challenge of trying to get it all done in time. So check out the video below or listen to the audio. Either way I think you’ll enjoy yourself! See you next time!

Our current release schedule allows us to put out about 24 episodes a year. The vast majority of the time, usually 23 out of 24 episodes, the division of labor is split fairly down the middle – I handle the music, and the editing of the audio, and Josh does the image, and maintains the website, etc. But once a year, immediately following a five day stretch of very little sleep, the scales tip drastically in my favor. For the PAX episode Josh is responsible for everything (except the music) – the recording, the editing, the video, the audio, the image, the website – all in a relatively short period of time. It’s a grueling process, and one which I’m told has led to some serious health issues, marital strife, and has even caused him to fall behind in his quest to watch all of Game of Thrones in the same two-week period.
Anyway, I haven’t watched the video yet – when I went to bed last night, Josh said the final edit was still rendering, so who knows when he got it up on youtube and went to bed himself?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show. Please, please, please watch the video. Or at least, click play, and let it run in the background while you do other things. Josh will probably kill himself if the number of views on it isn’t higher than last year’s PAX video, and I don’t want to do the podcast by myself.




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