038 – Magic Electric Sword

I want to tell you that this episode really elevates us to another level. That it brings out the best we have to offer, and serves it on a platter made of everything you’ve ever dreamed of. That it will change you into a better person, give you enlightenment and allow you to transcend into godhood. I want to tell you that it isn’t mediocre in any way. That it is interesting and smells nice . . . So I will! All of that stuff above is true, plus if you listen now you get a free podcast! Isn’t the internet grand?

Join us as we dive into two interesting indie games, and discuss the artistic merits of the 2012 classic piece of cinema; 21 Jump St. It’s a time to be had! Also don’t forget to follow us on social media if you’re not already. I have to ask that every so often, or I won’t feel enough shame to record new episodes. It’s a horrible cycle.

Being grown-ups (more or less) with  responsibilities, and schedules, and obligations… It sucks. We just couldn’t line things up to record this episode in the same physical space – as is our custom. Instead we offered up a sacrifice to the Daemons of the Internet, and tried to record over Skype. I mean, I say ‘tried’ – we pretty much succeeded, despite a rather nasty thunder storm, which you’ll occasionally hear throughout the episode.
Anyway, despite the technical hurdles that always seem to pop up,  I think the final product came out just fine.
Unrelated to anything else – if you’ve got an Xbox360, and a copy of GTA5, this weekend Rockstar’s running a double RP weekend. Josh and I’ll be playing Saturday night – come join our ATWW crew! I intend to be in game around 9:30pm, eastern. Come play with us!





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