042 – Meaning of Everything

I’m sick of people representing gaming culture by being a bunch of hate mongers online. It’s really bringing me down. I’ve found one thing that helps is to occasionally bring out the old podcast, and soapbox it up. We do some of that on this episode, and we’re probably going to make more enemies than friends as a result. I suspect our listenership dropped some after the last time, but we just can’t help ourselves. It’s almost out of our hands at this point.

Although I should probably clarify that this episode isn’t all dread and dude bros. We also discuss one of the most creative writers of all time, Mr. Douglas Adams! They made a movie based on his most famous piece of work, that I actually . . . kind of . . . almost liked. As a result I feel qualified discussing his career in depth.

Finally, I would like to update you on our aspirations to be less fat. I dream of one day dropping the morbid, and strutting down the street as an obese man. The current plan is to eat less crap and do more stuff. It’s a bold move for sure, but I think it might just pay off in the long run. Then again, maybe I should be sweatin’ to more oldies, or always be using a Shake Weight. I think it’s already working actually, wait until you see how slim Justin’s post is this episode!

Thank you everyone for your support in all things. Until next time!

I’ve got to get up in four hours to catch a plane, so I’m going to keep this short.
Listen to this episode – it’s pretty good. We talk about Douglas Adams a little, and Gamergate more than we meant to.
I’ll try to be more verbose next time. Enjoy the show!



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