045 – Dead Tired

Welcome! We have a lot to cover so I’m going to get right to it. Recently we partook in a 24 hour gaming marathon to help support a good cause and it came with a few surprises. Overall it was harder than you’d think it would be, but also a crap ton more fun than you could imagine. In this episode we talk about the games we played and the overall experience of gaming until our hands cramped. You could say it’s educational if you think it might get us funding. We also make a big announcement that relates, so listen to find out!

In addition, some in depth conversation on how much we love The Walking Dead can be heard. Don’t worry we keep it spoiler free, only discussing very vague concepts and general story ideas. I don’t even think we mention that there are zombies in it. Which means that can remain a surprise if you haven’t had a chance to watch yet. So that’s good. Let’s see what else? Podcastober was a big success and we’re probably up for some sort of award as a result. Only a matter of time before we get contacted about that. Oh and our 50th episode is coming up soon, so we’ve both made a pledge to lose 50 pounds total divided between us. That’s 25 pounds apiece by the time it airs. Kind of a great excuse to stop killing ourselves with nachos don’t you think? Crap now I want nachos . . .

Why am I talking about stupid stuff when there’s huge news to discuss. Did you know that alien life was discovered on a comet speeding through space? I mean so far we’ve only heard it’s terrifying Predator like screams but yeah, it’s pretty much official. Probably a good time to panic and abandon everything you thought you knew about anything. Or at least just relax and listen to another satisfying 30 minutes of podcast perfection. It will give your life new found meaning. Trust me, I’m a professional game marathoner.

Speaking of gaming Marathon’s, stay tuned next episode as I take a stroll down memory lane! It’s our first time talking PC gaming and modding, and I’m going to share my own personal experience making one. As always thanks for listening!


Sometimes it’s difficult to get this stupid podcast out on time. I know we (I) bitch about our busy work and family schedules, and go on and on about how awesome we are to get these out on time, month after month. Well, this episode really tested my patience. Not only did tight schedules keep us from recording in the same physical location again, but I was literally editing this episode ten minutes ago – about 30 minutes past our self-imposed midnight deadline – and I’m tired.
But you know what? We got it done, and sure, this episode isn’t going to win any awards, except for maybe ‘Most Ridiculous French Accent’ but by golly, we got it done, and it’s way better than an episode we never finished, am I right?
I’m right.
See you two weeks!




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1 Response to 045 – Dead Tired

  1. Matt Dodge says:

    It might as well be the Thanksgiving episode because hearing of all the sleep that was lost in its making, I know I’m thankful to have it. Kudos to marathon editing and gaming sessions!

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