049 – Terminoters

In the future pretty much everyone is a robot and it’s a bad time to have the last name Connor. Actually come to think of it, I guess any time is bad when you have that last name. Might be a good idea to just change it and avoid being hunted from time traveling cyborg assassins for sequel after sequel. It’s kind of an easy solution if you think about it. Really could have prevented a lot of grief.

Right so this one is about the Terminator franchise. We discuss all of the things we love and hate about it while our guest does a pretty sassy impression of Schwarzenegger. It’s a perfect refresher on the series and great prep for the new movie coming out. You’re welcome.

Next episode is a pretty big deal because it’s our 50th. Make sure you stay tuned for that if you love podcasts about the podcast you’re listening to. Lot’s of exciting stuff to look forward to this year! Thanks for listening!

Welcome to episode 49 of A Trouble with Words. Join us, and our special guest, Martin Long, as we discuss the Terminator movies. This episode is so good, you’re going to want to invent time travel technology just so you can go back in time and listen to the whole thing again. Well, I’ve got good news for you – just play it again! You don’t even have to rewind! (Do the kids these days know what rewinding is?)

I’d like to go off topic for a moment here, if I may: are you folks familiar with that Taylor Swift, with the songs? I’m just in love with her, and I’m not even a little embarrassed to say it. She’s fucking precious.

Anyway, this episode is jam packed with stuff for you to listen to – we recorded almost 90 minutes of material, and then I cut it down to a solid 50… And then Josh cut if down even more! This shit is concentrated like orange juice! Listen to it with your friends!
(Also, have you seen the video for Shake it Off? She’s adorable!)



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