050 – All About Us

This is a very strange episode. It’s not about any of the things we usually discuss and is kind of weird to be doing at all. More than that it feels a lot like masturbating on a soapbox when no one asked to see that. I mean, to spend an entire episode talking about the podcast itself and nothing else . . . it’s pretty bold to say the least. Have we even been around long enough for anyone to care? Do we have enough listeners to warrant this kind of self-celebration? Honestly no, not really. Still 50 episodes feels like a big deal and I’m happy to be doing something special for it.

Basically this podcast is very important to us. We’ve dedicated a lot of time to its creation, and it felt important to honor this milestone with that in mind. So I was pretty thrilled when our friend and collaborator Matt Dodge came to us with an idea. He wanted to host our 50th episode and use it to find out something about what happens behind the scenes. He wanted us to trust him and give him free reign to make that happen. So we did.

I hope you enjoy it and as always thanks for your support!


Holy Cannoli, 50 episodes!
I mean, what with the way numbers typically work, we were bound to get to 50 eventually, but it sure seems like this episode came out of nowhere!
We’re very lucky to have our good friend, and A Trouble with Words Historian, Matt Dodge on the show again for this momentous occasion. He had some ideas for the 50th episode, and once we determined that none of them were likely to result in bodily harm, we happily surrendered control! (Which somehow turned into *more* work for me, as the editor, but I digress.)
Anyway, thank you to everyone who listens to the show! These first 50 episodes were a lot of fun to make and we’re looking forward to the next 50!
Until next time!




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4 Responses to 050 – All About Us

  1. Erin says:

    Woo a mention! Congrats on this milestone guys. If it makes things feel a little more “fan” and a little less “these people we know listen” – of all the podcasts I’ve listened to, this is the only one I *still* listen to, and have listened to every episode.

  2. John Smith says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. All of them are great, but this was well done. Matt had a great idea and I loved how it all fell into place. Right on guys 😉

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