052 – Charity Case

We didn’t watch The Interview because it looked like a good movie, we did it out of morbid curiosity and a little bit out of pity. I mean, the poor thing was never going to come out in theaters and a lot of people worked hard on its creation. We figured seeing it while we had the chance was the least we could do. So, was it better than expected? Did the Sony hack act as a blessing in disguise that taught studios a valuable lesson regarding film distribution? Was it truly beyond awful and a complete waste of time and energy to watch? Is it my new favorite movie? You’ll have to listen to find out!

We also talk about something that is very important to us and the great work being done in support of it. I’m of course referring to Extra Life and the gaming related fundraisers being run throughout the year for local children’s hospitals. Joining us on the show to discuss just that is regular listener and self-proclaimed number one fan of the podcast: Jamison McLean. He’s currently putting together an impressive 24 hour tabletop gaming event for Extra Life with a crap ton of prizes and support. Check it out if you like good things and don’t hate sick kids. Also stay tuned because we’ll be participating in our second annual video game marathon later in the year for the same cause. We might even stream it live on the internet so you can “suffer” along with us.

As always thanks for your continued support. See you next time for our annual PAX East episode!

Holy cow, it’s March already, and not a moment too soon. March brings with it the promise of warmer weather, and an end to the most demoralizing winter I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know if my soul could take even one more snow storm. I’ll just lay down in the street and let The Devil’s Plow Truck take me.

Anyway, we’ve got an episode here for you, and a special guest to boot.
Check it out, and come back on the 15th for our special report from PAX East.



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1 Response to 052 – Charity Case

  1. Erin says:

    Damn you Maine for getting all gamer friendly when I’m not around! 😛

    As a Child’s Play supporter myself I wholeheartedly approve of fundraising for them, and of gamer fundraisers in general. *thumbs up* Sounds like a pretty cool marathon.

    I’ve been getting into tabletop games myself – I have Netrunner but haven’t played yet, so glad to hear it’s a really good one. Gloom is one of my more commonly played ones – great if you like storytelling. I really like Pandemic as well.

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