053 – PAX East 2015

I am never as tired as I am after PAX. It absolutely destroys me every year and the older and fatter I get the more intense that ass kicking is. This year just to make things interesting it decided to throw some whiteout snow conditions our way and see how we handled it. Well actually not our way so much as on top of the grounded planes our good friend and fellow PAX attender Tim Knowlton was trying to use. Which is weird because he lives in Kentucky so that’s not supposed to happen. Needless to say it sure kept things interesting for a lot of people. Thanks again to PAX East for working with us and helping us get into the convention as soon as possible. I look forward to next year’s being in April!

Check out the video version of this episode and tell everyone you know that our show is awesome! I mean if that’s how you feel. Otherwise you should probably keep any opinions you have to yourself as I’m very sensitive right now. Good night everyone!

When it’s up to me, and it’s often not, I like to have the episode posted and ready for your listening pleasure at midnight, on the dot. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s my goal. I knew going into PAX that it was going to be tight, but definitely possible to get a video episode out in time. Well, this is definitely a better late than never situation. We’re still technically well within the 15th, so it’s not a failure at all, but I do feel a little like we’ve let you down, just a bit. Not for lack of trying though. I know I’ve talked about the amount of work Josh puts into these video episodes before – probably last year’s PAX show – and this one is no exception. From what I understand he’s been editing almost non-stop for this last week. We had all kinds of technical issues recording, so I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re seeing this at all.
At any rate, it’s here: watch it. If you can’t watch it, listen to the audio version. If you can’t watch it, and you can’t listen to it, I’m working on a special scent-based Inhale-O-Cast version that you can stick up your nose with a rubber hose.
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