054 – Random Acts of Netflix

In the spirit of keeping things interesting we decided to do something different this episode. We’re introducing a segment where we discover new things by randomly selecting a movie to watch on Netflix. There’s no way to know what it will be, or even if it’s watchable. Yet we’re willing to take the risk and sit through the whole thing to know for sure, and so you don’t have to. We proudly present to you Random Acts of Netflix!

Now on to more important things. Some pretty big news has come out since we recorded this episode and I want to make you aware of it. First is that scientists are about to fire up the Large Hadron Collider using double the amount of power than previously tried. This could lead to the discovery of parallel universes or the end of everything. In addition to that we’ve found the Holy Grail and discovered giant cat sized rats roaming the streets. I mean I can hardly believe the weird stuff that’s been happening! Not to mention the biggest news of all, that seems impossible even as I type it. One of the best and most iconic Sci-Fi shows of all time is coming back on FOX! This despite being canceled many years ago and the cast having aged significantly. I’m so happy! Check it out.

Until next time!


There are no jokes here, I can promise you that.
I mean, there may be laughs to be had within the podcast itself, naturally, but I can assure you: there are, and will not be, any April Fooling taking place here today. We know how frustrating this day can be for some people, especially those of us who don’t like surprises, or suffer a nervous disposition.
So consider this a safe place, and feel free to hang out. After you’ve listened to this new episode, listen to some of the old ones – they’re sure to be more or less prank-free.
When you’re done, drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!

Also that old sitcom, Coach, is coming back. How about that?


Oh and I almost forgot, Today is April Fools Day! So in the spirit of keeping true with the season . . . I invite you to Rickroll yourself. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Rick Roll

Anyway we’ll see you again soon, and as always thanks for listening!




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