055 – Lynch Mob

Regardless of how you may feel about it, Twin Peaks is a show that changed television forever. There’s no denying that very simple fact. In truth your favorite show most likely never would have existed without Twin Peaks having paved the way for it. What’s crazier still is it’s about to make history again in a pretty major way. You see we’re basically on the verge of a 3rd and final season being released 25 years later. So give this episode 30 minutes of your time and prepare for some rather huge spoilers regarding the first two seasons and the prequel movie. Did I love it? Did I hate it? Listen and find out!

Also in honor of its return in 2016 we’re planning on throwing a little gathering. The kind of thing where we watch the premiere together and eat food inspired by the show. So if you’re interested and in Maine then please shoot us an email. I promise we’ll make sure you get more info closer to the date. See you next time!


There’s a chance that Twin Peaks may have been somewhat ahead of its time. Certainly, there was a huge fan base supporting the show initially, but as the show got weirder the audience withered up and died, which is a shame, because some of those later episodes are great. It’s a shame we never got the chance to see what might have been in store for Special Agent Dale Cooper, or any of the many other characters inhabiting the town, in a third season of Twin Peaks.
Well, 25 years later we may finally get that chance after all. Join us, as we take a look at Twin Peaks, a show I’ve only recently come to love, but has become one of my favorites of all time.




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