056 – Following Blindly

I love everything Marvel is doing right now video related. Which is to say welcome to another episode of A Trouble with Words brought to you by Disney. This is the show where we talk about movies and television worth watching, and since 80% of everything good coming out is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe . . . here we are. Today’s topic is the incredible Netflix original series Daredevil.
So what can I say about about this show besides how great it is? Well for starters it’s pretty intense. The violence is gritty and realistic while remaining true to its comic book origins. I mean it gets downright gory at points and yet still feels right at home with other Marvel projects. Very impressive indeed. Also joining us to discuss the finer spoiler-free details is our most frequent guest of all time, Lindsey LeMay. Welcome back!

It’s sad how much I’m enjoying these shows and movies. Honestly at this point I would just give my money in advance to Marvel Studios if they would let me. They seem incapable of making anything that isn’t just fantastic. Speaking of which, next episode we’ll probably be going on and on about the Avengers : Age of Ultron and how it made me feel like a kid again watching it. I mean I haven’t seen the movie or anything, but I think it’s a safe bet. See you then!


Welcome back, we missed you!
This episode is all about that new Daredevil show you’ve probably already binge-watched like the rest of us. If you haven’t, fear not! We’re spoiler free!
Marvel’s TV division is out of control! In a good way. We talk a little about that too.
Any of you tabletop gamers at all? I know a few of you are. What are you playing these days? I (finally) got a copy of XCOM, but I’ve been unable to get it played yet. (I did play it once by myself, but I’m not counting it because I misunderstood some of the rules and played most of the game wrong.)
Anyway, hope you enjoy the show – come back in two weeks, and we’ll have more nerd stuff to talk about.




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