060 – E3 2015

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is like my Christmas. I mean . . . yes technically Christmas is my Christmas . . . but you get the idea. The point is that I see E3 as a magical time where I can watch hours and hours of video game coverage and news while not being at work. (Yes I take vacation time just for that. What of it? You think you’re better than me?!) I look forward to it every summer with the intensity of a thousand brightly burning suns, and this time was no different. What did make this year unique though, is that I actually thought it lived up to my insane expectations. Mostly.

You see the one problem with E3 is that my hype level is so high that it almost always lets me down. I want a sequel to my favorite game to be announced. I want that borderline vaporware from years past to drop a surprise trailer. I want new things that I didn’t know I wanted, and this year I especially wanted to justify the incredibly expensive purchases of my Xbox One and PS4. Did I get what I wanted?

Listen to todays episode and bask in the glory that is E3 2015. In Fallout 4 we trust.


So E3 is a thing that happened right around the time our last episode came out, and since *our* schedule is much more important than timely coverage, you’re getting our E3 thoughts and reactions now. I mean, no one listening to our show is using us for breaking news (if you are, holy cow, this week was crazy! Confederate flag is out, Equal rights are in, and Bernie Sanders is only 10 points behind Hillary in New Hampshire! What a time to be alive!) so what’s two weeks between friends. (Am I the only person who can’t hear the phrase ‘two weeks’ without thinking about Total Recall? Every time…)
Hope you enjoy the show!




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Topics mentioned: Fallout 4, A bunch of other E3 games, who cares though because Fallout 4, Also Uncharted 4, I guess Rise of the Tomb Raider and Mass Effect Andromeda because Justin has an opinion, Mostly Fallout 4 though

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3 Responses to 060 – E3 2015

  1. Erin says:

    WHO WON????!!!

    Fallout, Mass Effect, pssh. It’s about FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE BABY!

    You should also be on the lookout for Dreams (from Media Molecule, great guys and fantastic stuff from them), and Divinity Original Sin. (Divinity has been out on PC for a while but coming to console now. I think you guys would have fun playing it co-op.)

    • For me, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Mass Effect are the games I’m most excited to play – I know Josh has different answers (Fallout 4).
      I was never really into the Final Fantasy games so the remake doesn’t excite me a whole lot – but I know a lot of folks who are all about it, for sure.
      Will check out Dreams!

    • Yeah Dreams is actually really intriguing to me. I’m excited to try it. I love the way Media Molecule approaches game design as making a tool for other to create with.

      I completed FF7 back on Playstation and loved it, but I don’t know how I feel about the remake. I’m waiting to see if it’s going to be worth the hype and not off too much tone wise. I’m not sure how that new more realistic look will translate some of the old things in the original game. Still it might just get me back into Final Fantasy.

      More co-op is always a good thing!

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