062 – Jurassic Parks and Rec


It’s possible we teased that this episode was going to an epic showdown between Justin and myself. Turns out that was a bit premature because this one is actually about Jurassic World. A movie that we both enjoyed and in no way almost ended our personal and professional relationship. No the friendship ending episode is going to be the next one, so stay tuned for that. Sorry for the confusion but in our defense how could we possibly know what the next episode was going to be about? You expect too much of us. As you can imagine we talk a lot about dinosaurs and Chris Pratt being sexist. It’s basically the building blocks for the perfect conversation.

I also would like to apologize because this is another dreaded Skype episode. Which means our energy is low and the pauses between us talking are greater due to a delay. Technology can be hard sometimes. Speaking of which, I had the hardest time coming up with a name for this one. I ended up just combining two things we talked about into one name. Maybe that’s not how they do it in Hollywood but I’ve never been one to follow the podcast naming rules. It certainly could have been worse. I almost went with Parknado . . .

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Hey, we made it through July to everyone’s favorite holiday, August 1st – a day when everyone celebrates the newest episode of A Trouble with Words by listening to the newest episode of A Trouble with Words, sharing it with their loved ones, and pledging to return in a fortnight to feast on yet another freshly squeezed episode. It’s truly a glorious day!

Anyway, we had to put off our Mad Max discussion for an episode, but we decided to take a hack at resurrecting a different, long-dead franchise: Jurassic Park’s latest iteration, Jurassic World!





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