063 – Two Headed Lizard


Alright here it is. The episode I’ve been most afraid to record. The one where I try to convince the world that Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t a very good movie. It’s me against everyone else and the chances are not in my favor. I think I have solid reasons for feeling this way though, and I do the best I can to justify having those opinions. Still it’s an impossible fight and most of my arguments were cut out by Justin in post. Power of the editor I guess. Also it wasn’t an equal debate as one side had reinforcements brought in the form of a guest. Regardless I’m confident you’ll leave here hating the repetitive action and gross lack of character development that I did. I know this because clearly you have good taste if you’re reading this post.

Next episode is the same great guest with a different topic! Join us as we discuss the Predator trilogy and disagree on everything again. Go team podcast!

Oh man, you guys! This is the one you’ve been waiting for! We’re finally sitting in the same room! We’re finally talking about Mad Max Fury Road! We finally have a special guest, Jamison McLean! We finally have enough money to buy that new doodad down at the hardware store, the one we’ve been saving up for since Pa hurt his ankle wrasslin’ them chickens back into the coop! We finally know what real love feels like! (IT FEELS LIKE HAM! HOT HAM STEAKS ON A COLD DAY!)
Also, sorry this is going up so late – we wanted so badly to record this one in person, so we had to record, edit, and post all on this very day! We’re gonna try not to have to do that ever again…
Enjoy the show!




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