069 – Face Your Destiny


I always knew I was going to have to play this game eventually. I’ve been a huge fan of Bungie since back in their beginning Apple development days, and even went so far as to create a total conversion mod for one of their earliest game series. In fact I actually played Destiny’s Beta all the way through multiple times on the Xbox 360, even though that was a last generation system, and therefore an inferior version. I figured it was only a matter of time before I was doing that in the full game on a shiny new next generation console. Except slowly it started getting bad reviews. Many players said the story was too short and disjointed, and that the way the game rewarded you with gear felt unfair and disheartening. I lost interest and basically wrote it off as a title to skip. Then something unexpected happened. Listen and find out what possibly could have changed my mind so quickly. Also I feel I should mention that this episode has a slightly different promo picture. It’s a shot of our main characters in game, and doesn’t involve our faces awkwardly photoshopped in any way. I think it’s pretty great and so do you. Don’t worry though, I’ll be back to making us look like idiots in no time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m barely awake as a result of this years Extra-Life Gaming marathon and cannot spend anymore time writing this post. I mean there’s still more Destiny to play after all.

As always, thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time!


Happy New Podcast Day!
As we enter into another holiday season it’s only fitting that Josh and I tackle a subject that represents the pinnacle of what the holidays really mean for a large number of people: video games as familial avoidance device! Now is the perfect time to jump into Destiny and start leveling up your Guardian. While you’re managing your inventory, and killing hundreds and hundreds of Fallen and Vex, you’ll hardly notice the overt racism and homophobia leaking out of your older family members!
Anyway, I’m super wiped out – this weekend was our 24-hour game marathon, which despite a myriad of technical difficulties basically rendering our attempts to stream useless, was still a great deal of fun – and we raised a bunch of money for sick kids! Maybe next year we’ll have a more reliable stream, but either way, thanks very much to those that donated! And if you still want to donate, it’s not too late!



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