070 – Even Sketchier


We’ve talked about sketch comedy shows before. Things like what makes each one uniquely great, and how inspired we are by watching them that we try to create our own comedic content. Nothing has been more influential than Mr. Show in that regard and I’m happy to announce that it’s back. Well sort of. They got the original cast together and created a new show on that wonderful service that saves forgotten television. Wow I just realized how much David Cross specifically owes Netflix for reviving all of his best projects and keeping him working. Kind of crazy. Anyway check out this update on the best sketch shows we’re still watching and learn about our own delusional plans for the future.

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I’ve always said that there’s comedy in repetition. With that in mind, dive deep into our second sketch-comedy-centric episode. It’s always amazing to me how many people have never heard of Mr Show – hopefully the new Netflix Original, W/ Bob & David, will bring some people into the fold and they’ll go back and check out some of the older stuff. It’s worth it!
Also, if you play Destiny on PS4, join our Clan! We’re super low-key and won’t expect or require anything from you! Just go to Bungie.net and search for A Trouble with Words, under Groups. We’re looking to get some people together to do some raiding!
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