075 – Don’t Forget to Smile


Who are we but a collection of the decisions we make? Would we lose ourself if that ability was stripped from us? Could we ever recover?

Jessica Jones is a show that takes place in the Marvel Universe. It’s poignant and generally just kicks a lot of lot ass. If you’re not a complete piece of garbage you’ll like it a lot. Now go binge watch the first season.

Just make sure you’re doing it because it’s what you want, and not because I told you to. Unless you think that’s the trick. In which case you should watch it to make sure. Yeah ok that feels like the safe thing to do. Good thinking.


Happy President’s Day!
Happy day after Valentine’s Day!
More importantly, Happy New Podcast Day!
This episode we jump back a few months to give Jessica Jones her due! If you haven’t watched it yet, why not? What are you waiting for? A personal invitation? Consider yourself invited! Watch it!
Maybe you need more convincing! Perfect, just listen to this episode!



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