077 – Action Packed


Man I love movies. Every kind really. However for some impossible to explain reason, one specific genre is by far my favorite to watch. It’s not the best by any means, but there’s just something I find incredibly satisfying about losing myself in one for a couple of hours. I’m of course talking about action movies. Gun shooting, cars exploding, fist fights that seem to be at odds with many of my actual beliefs. I’m talking Dude Bro, motherf’ing, take no prisoners, God bless America awesomeness, and like the description implies I refuse to apologize for it! Well ok actually that’s not true, I apologize for all of that. I just like action movies and think sometimes they’re way worse than need be.

Directors like John Woo get it. They understand the dance of a good gunplay or fight sequence, and can in turn show the audience its real beauty. True choreography between the filming, editing and actors. They make it art, and that’s the difference. Well that and slow motion which makes everything better.

In other words some people misuse shaky cams and create crappy pieces of crap that they then have the gaul to call movies. Those people suck. Listen to this episode and find out why.


Hello Friends,
Welcome to the another episode of A Trouble with Words!
This is the episode you’ve been waiting for!
I mean, I assume you’ve been waiting for us to get around to chatting about classic action films of years gone by… I know I have.
Sorry we had to Skype another one, hopefully we’ll be able to start recording in person again soon. In fact, I expect the next couple of episodes will be recorded The Right Way (across a table, instead of across a cable (see what I did there? Rhymes, right?)).
Anyway, I love you, see you next month!



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Topics mentioned: The Expendables, Broforce, Face Off, Broken Arrow, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, The Matrix, The Bourne Identity, Taken, the crappy sequels to both

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