080 – PAX East 2016


For some reason our PAX East coverage is cursed every year. Something happens regarding some technical aspect and it’s a struggle to make a video out of it. This year involved footage getting corrupt and being unusable as a result. It’s not even the first time that particular issue has happened. Something about recording long sessions on an iPhone with FiLMiC Pro and the space limitations associated with an application filled smart phone I guess. That or it’s Justin’s fault. When I’m unsure about blame I usually send it his way. Nice going Justin!

Probably should have planned better and invested in actual film equipment. Anyway I got creative and actually used the video we shot (to monitor whether the phone was recording or not) as footage. It went from being something no one should ever see to being the main visual of the first half hour. Also worth mentioning is that this doesn’t have the jump cuts I’ve done in years past or a post credits scene. There are a couple of reasons why both of those things are true, but none more important then time is short and my wisdom tooth caused an infection in my sinuses that lead to having it pulled. Needless to say I’m beyond tired.

The craziest part is that I’m already excited for PAX East in 2017. How it managed to be fun this year despite everything is beyond me . . . but it did. Next time will only be better. Probably.

Thanks for watching!


Hey there, all you cats and kittens, welcome to another A Trouble with Words Pax East extravaganza!
As always, the weekend was great fun, and exhausting, and then when it’s all over, in a sleep-deprived, semi-functional, well-intentioned haze we try to record a video episode. And, as always we ran into a myriad of technical difficulties – it really doesn’t seem to matter what sort of prep work we do, there are going to be problems, and this year was no exception.
That said, Josh put a *lot* of time and effort into salvaging a video from the wreckage we were left with, so please, even if you usually just listen to the audio version, please check out the video!
Thanks again to our friend, Tim @mildmojo Knowlton for joining us on the episode.
We truly couldn’t do PAX without you, Tim!





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