084 – Just the Sketches Vol. 1


I’m worried this podcast is becoming a series of excuses for why we’re not doing the debate episode we promised. It’s frustrating. Also the subject is becoming less and less usable as we get farther away from the release of Batman V Superman. It’s still going to happen I hope. I just worry.

Anyway this is a collection of all the comedy improv sketches we did from the beginning to episode 27. We’ll release these from time to time so you can see how much better we’re getting at it. You do know about our sketches right? They’re at the end after the outro music of almost every episode. If you’re not aware then this is a sample of what you’ve been missing. It’s a fun thing for sure but it’s also something that will only happen when we can’t record an episode proper for whatever reason. Enjoy!

See you next time for what I hope is the debate we’ve been teasing. Remember to do the social media stuff that lets your friends and family know we exist. Thanks for listening!

P.S. Justin did the art for this episode and I did the audio editing. It’s a crazy upside down world for sure. Go team!


Well here’s something that nobody knew everybody wanted: a collection of sketches! Sure you’ve heard them before, but you’ve never heard them all in a row like this.
Listen, I’m a chump and I forgot my laptop cable at home, and I’m in Texas, so I can’t really record, or edit, or really do anything for the podcast. But this is top-rate filler, for real.
For. Real.



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Topics mentioned:Collection of sketches from Ep 13 (Beginning) – Ep 27

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