087 – Can I Get an Amen?


Make no mistake, we are living in a golden age of television. The problem isn’t finding good shows, but rather picking which ones to watch because they’re almost all great. As if that wasn’t tough enough, every year countless new ones are added to the list of exceptional. There are only so many hours in a day. How to choose?

We’ll tell you of course, Just like we always do. In this episode we cover a show called Preacher because you need to know about it. It’s odd and possibly not for everyone, but I think you’ll find it’s perfect for you. Guy with an asshole for a face? check. Religious supernatural elements? check. Odd comedy mixed with over the top action and some of the most disturbing images you’ve ever seen on TV? Check. Did I mention the guy with the anus for a mouth? Also check it out if you like Westerns or meat. It’s got those too.

Next episode we jump on the bandwagon and talk about all things Pokemon. Including the mobile game sweeping the world. Why? Because it has cultural significance and not doing so is a disservice to both you and us. Also because it’s fun. Subscribe if you like us and Like us to subscribe! See you next time!


Hello Folks,
Welcome to the latest episode!
This one was a real treat for a number of reason!
1) We got to record in person!
2) We got to talk about a show that we both loved!
3) We had sex with ghosts!
4) Not really, but after I started the numbered list, I realized I really only had two items!
5) Certified Snake, Shark, and Candy Free!

Also, Preacher is so good, you guys. Go watch it. Or listen to this first, ’cause we’re spoiler free! Either way, watch it!



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