088 – Gotta Catch ’em All


I can’t believe I’m writing a post about Pokemon. Even more impossible to me is that I’m doing so because we have an episode on the subject. So why now? Well that’s the craziest part. Both of us are actually playing one of these games right now along with pretty much everyone else that owns a smartphone. I’m talking of course about Pokemon Go. See I’ve never been big on that particular franchise and would actually sit in quiet judgement of those who called themselves fans. It seemed so childish and nonsensical. Well all of that’s changed because I’ve had my first taste, and now I’m hooked.

Having just caught an Abra the other day, I looked up from my phone to realize I was lying on the floor of a now abandoned public restroom. It smelled of old McDonalds and wet feta cheese. The walls were painted with stale water damage and mold, tiles seemed to fade away into the swirl of yellow and green stains. Next to me not responding, was a fellow trainer and friend who seemed lifeless. How long had I been playing . . . what day was it? Using my last Incense I placed a Lure Module on the PokeStop and settled in for a long night of power leveling. I mean it was a pretty sweet nest and I had been chasing the Dragonite for weeks. Plus I’ll probably stop playing tomorrow if they don’t figure out this whole tracking thing anyway.

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Hello, all you Cats and Kittens!
This episode is all about the world’s favorite video game: I believe they are referred to as one’s Pocket Monsters.
Personally, I have been fiddling with my Pocket Monsters almost non-stop for the last month or so. Anytime I get together with my friends, we all get our Pocket Monsters out to show them to one another. It’s a real treat to see how big my friend’s Pocket Monsters can get. Sometimes I get a bit jealous that my Pocket Monsters aren’t as big or powerful as someone else’s, but then I remember how much fun I have with mine and it’s not so bad.
I hope you enjoy this episode, it’s all about Pokémon!



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