089 – Because Batman


I feel like we kind crap all over DC comics on this show. It’s frustrating because we actually love those characters, and honestly that’s a big part of why the recent movies have been such a let down. Well perhaps it’s time we focus on something DC is doing very well. Something they’re doing so well in fact that it’s leagues better than anything Marvel has tried on the same front. I’m talking video games . . . and if you didn’t know how good it’s gotten, then you’re in for a treat.

The Batman Arkham series is better than any other superhero video game that has ever been created. Period. No contest. We discuss all four games and talk about what worked and what didn’t, but above all else why they succeed where so many have failed before. I think you’ll like this one.

Stay tuned for future episodes where we watch horror movies in the spirit of tradition. Also don’t forget to do all the that stuff we’re supposed to tell you to do. The usual internet stuff I mean. Stuff that helps people maybe find out about this and could lead to them listening. Also it’s the right thing to do. Because Batman.


Hello again, Podcast-Listener!
Welcome to the mid-month edition of A Trouble with Words! This time we’re taking a look at the Arkham games, because Josh finally got around to playing Arkham Knight! (We had to wait for him to get all the Destiny out of his system – he finally got over it, with just enough time to squeeze in Arkham Knight before Rise of Iron sucks him right back in!)
Anyway, give it a listen and come back soon, ’cause we’re only a few episodes away from everyone’s favorite yearly event: Podcastober!



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