090 – Murder Balls


We’re guilty of a lot of things on this show, but not watching all four of the Phantasm movies in a row (five has not yet been released) and then doing an episode about it isn’t one of them. That made sense right? I’m saying we did that. Right, so anyway if you’re a fan of horror movies that don’t follow logic despite seeming like they were going to . . . then you’ll love the Phantasm movies. Or at least you’ll like parts of them. I mean they’re basically nonsensical oddities that lack any real direction. That’s not a slight against Don Coscarelli either because he directed the crap out of these, I just mean the story isn’t bogged down by anything resembling one. Oh and they’re pretty great.

Speaking of which, our next episode will be pretty great if Justin doesn’t let us all down by not finishing the show I want him to watch. I’m hopeful he’ll do the right thing. Feel free to make him feel guilty if you see him.

Also stay tuned the episode after next for everyone’s favorite holiday on the 31st of October! That’s right, Podcastober is almost upon us! Everyone is excited! We’re on the same page and no one thought I meant Halloween! I wonder what obscure horror movies we’ll make each other watch? Regardless I’m sure that whatever we choose it will be you the listeners that benefit. See you then!


October 1st!
We are officially in the month of Podcastober!
We’re kicking off the festivities with a look at one of the greatest (in terms of time between the first movie and the last) horror franchises the world has ever known, Phantasm!
We watched all four movies, back to back to back to back, so you don’t have to. But it turns out you may actually want to, because they’re actually kind of delightful.
Love you,



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