095 – Just the Sketches Vol. 3


Look it’s been a tough couple of weeks. My dad is in the hospital and I need to laugh to keep myself sane. So in the spirit of that I decided to listen to some more of our classic sketches. You know the ones we keep giving you collections of instead of doing a real episode. I suppose we should really get our crap together before we run out of these . . .

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I know what you’re saying:
“Another sketch episode so soon after the last?”
And to that I say, “Hey, you’re welcome.”
While life keeps fucking us in the ass, we keep keeping on. And we’ll continue to do so! Worry not! We’re made of sterner stuff!
The thing that makes Josh and me a great team is that, no matter what happens, we’re there for each other. When I’m struggling and ready to give up on things, Josh is there, hauling me back up. And I like to think when Josh is having a rough go of it, I’m there for him in the same way.
I’ll tell you one thing, listening to these sketches is almost always an instant mood lifter. Of course, I love our regular episodes, but being able to just listen to 30 straight minute of us making each other laugh, is a literal balm to my soul. Laughter truly is the best medicine. I mean, next to Prednisone, probably. That stuff is pretty great too.



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