097 – Just the Sketches Vol. 4


You know that thing where you say you’ll do better? Where you make a vow to change something you don’t like about yourself? Usually it’s at the end of the year and the change is meant to start at the beginning of the next? Yeah, so we failed ours already and now we have more sketches. In case you’re new to the show, this is the 4th collection of the comedy sketches we include at the end of our episodes and it’s saved us a few times in the last few months. I’m sure it’s just a minor set back and nothing to worry about.

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I really love these sketch episodes, but their appearances can only mean one thing: we didn’t, or couldn’t, record a regular episode.
What can I say, time got away from us on this one. Still, this is a good batch and I hope you enjoy them!



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