100 – Many Layers

Guys we did it! We made a hundred episodes of this podcast for you to enjoy. With blood, sweat and mostly tears, every one of them (most anyway) were handcrafted with care just for you. Like the way those artisan craftsman make furniture or rocking horses. Sanding down the wood for months until it’s perfect in every way, until it’s a good enough table to give as a gift. Even if it takes way longer than you ever expected, it’s ok because it was most likely worth the wait, and because the artisan in question is your best friend and he made a promise. Wait what was I talking about?

Aside from tooting our own horn we also get into a pretty interesting conversation involving the nature of artists and the art they create. Specifically we discuss whether a horrible person can create good art. If it’s ok to still appreciate it, and even if it can lead to redemption. It’s complicated and full of layers and layers of complexity. Kind of like a cake. Speaking of which, did I mention the 100 episodes yet?

Hey if you like our show at all please tell people about it. I promise when we make it big we’ll remember you. Here’s to a hundred more!

P.S. Make sure to listen all the way to the end for a few fun surprises.


Episode 100.
The Hundo.
Part of me never thought we’d make it this far. Josh and I have joked from the beginning that we’ll be doing the show until we die.
I hope that’s true.
There’s something pretty great about doing this sort of thing with your best friend. It makes these sort of arbitrary milestones worth noting. I haven’t just done one hundred episodes of a podcast. I’ve recorded 100 episodes. I’ve edited 100 episodes. I listened to 100 episodes.
All while dealing with the lethal combination of a self-imposed fuzzy deadline, and extreme laziness. Sometimes, when I’m wiped out after a long day at work, and I’m looking at a couple of hours worth of editing to get an episode out on time, I wonder if it’s worth the trouble – I mean, we’ll never have the numbers of a big-time show, and we pretty much personally know all of our listeners – but then I get into the episode, and I find my mood drastically improved! Perhaps it’s egotistical of me, but sometimes we’re funny as hell.
Anyway, this episode runs a little long, but please stay through to the end – it’s a good show, and it’s worth hearing all of it.

Thank you so much for giving us your time! If you like the show, share it was someone who hasn’t heard it!
Oh, and hey – see you in a couple weeks for episode 101!



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