106 – Change Your Destiny


So you may recall me mentioning in the past that I am a big fan of crack. I play it a lot and despite its grinding repetitive nature I am always coming back for more. This was my World of Warcraft and it promised to go on for years and years. Wait did I say crack? I meant Destiny.

Anyway, recently a bunch of information came out for the sequel including a big gameplay reveal. So I got the old Fireteam together to discuss our thoughts on the new stuff, and also just to let you know some of what’s been shown. Expect big changes on the social side of things this time around for instance. We’ll be making a much more prominent Clan than we had for the first game. Heck you might even want to join.

See you next week where we talk about that movie everyone can’t shut up about. You know the one with the explosions and the big budget . . . I think it’s a sequel. Also don’t forget to social media the crap out of us, Likes and favorites and ratings and all that really help us grow.


It’s so much better when we record in person.
It’s *so* much better when we record in person.
It’s so *much* better when we record in person.

Listen, credit where it’s due, Skype has enabled us to stick to our posting schedule when we just can’t get our shit together. Honestly, we’d be so screwed without that option. But, we all know the Skype episodes aren’t as good. The energy is all wrong.

It’s like, a band trying to play a concert over Skype – you can get everyone sort of playing the same song at the same time, but it’s never going to rock as hard as it does when everyone’s grooving together.

So hey, this one’s in person. And the next one! Don’t tell anyone, but we already recorded that one too! Wanna know what it’s about? I’ll give you a hint: It’s very On-Brand for us.

See you in two weeks!



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