108 – Stage Fright


One time Naughty Dog showed a live gameplay demo of Uncharted 4 during Sony’s press conference. It blew everyone away and cemented them as the winner of that year’s E3 in my mind. However it started with a pretty major hiccup where the character of Nathan Drake stood there not responding for several minutes until they restarted. Once it got going though it was an incredible showing, and I think many people would have had trouble believing that we weren’t falling for a “Ubisoft” of fake gameplay. Except we saw it not work seconds before and that made it all the more glorious. When Uncharted 4 shipped later it included a trophy for recreating that moment exactly as it happened by not moving your character at the same point. Meaning they ultimately got to be in on the joke.

E3 as a whole felt that way to me this year. A false start that the conference itself was in on, except that every studio holding a press event agreed to keep things pretty lackluster. Or maybe it’s just that there was nothing that impressed quite as much as that time nothing worked for a few beautiful moments on the Sony stage. Either way, here’s an episode that covers both what we thought of E3 2017 and Uncharted 4. It’s more for your money that way. Like a quality podcast coupon that gets you two episodes for one. Smart.

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Happy July, everyone!
I hope this episode finds you well, and that you’re enjoying the summer months here in the Northern hemisphere. Those of you South of the equator, I hope you’re having a decent winter.
Anyway, this episode came out pretty well, I think. We talk about E3, and Uncharted 4! Give it a listen!
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