110 – Hum in the Drum


Baby Driver is one of the stand out movies of the year. It’s musical while also being filled with action and violence. It subverts your expectations and is very unique in almost every way. It’s a good time and a must watch. It’s a lot of things and perfect isn’t one of them. So yeah in this episode we talk about it, but don’t think that means we forgot about a certain Amazonian warrior princess or friendly neighborhood vigilante. We’re just not ready for those yet. Patience loyal listeners.

Also this was another Skype call, but I think it would be hard to tell if I didn’t just let you know. Wait why did I do that? Rookie mistake. Check out our other stuff and all the social media pages so we can grow. Do it now.

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Hello folks, welcome to August.
Once again, I failed to see Wonder Woman, so this episode isn’t about that.
I also have yet to see the new Spider-Man, so it’s not about that either.
I feel like enough time has gone by since their respective releases that some of the pressure is off and I can now see them at my leisure. I’m certain Josh will disagree.
This one’s about Baby Driver, and I hope you like it!
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Love you!



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