115 – Whatever a Spider Can


We’re just doing the best we can. Yes sometimes that means we phone in episodes (Skype) or don’t do the ones we planned on doing (gameplay talks). This is at least one of those examples and possibly even both. Still somehow we manage to pull them off again and again in some form or another. I’m really proud of that and you should be impressed. We’re not exactly reliable people.

Ok let’s get into it. First it’s important you know that I loved comic books as a youth and read them constantly. I felt a particular connection to the character of Spider-Man as he used humor to disarm his enemies, and struggled to get by just like anyone else. He wasn’t rich and his powers were not without limit. Also like Peter Parker I figured I was one unfortunate accident away from greatness. It was all incredibly captivating and relatable.

Later in life I discovered a love of film and dreamed of making movies for a living. When it was first announced a Spider-Man movie was being made I lost my mind with anticipation. I’ve seen every movie since and have had strong opinions about all of them. Spider-Man Homecoming is no exception. Listen and find out what I thought!

Also next episode is Podcastober and that is truly terrifying. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time!


We’re down to literal minutes to get this posted on the 15th, so I’mma keep this brief.
Episode good, you listen.
See you next time for Podcastober!



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