122 – Pitter Patter


We are at our best when talking about something we love, and something we want you to love. That’s this episode. We discovered a fantastic Canadian comedy show named Letterkenny, and we’re going to tell you all about why you should be watching it. I think you’ll be convinced by the end.

Also it’s worth mentioning how great it was being in the same room with Justin again to record. It makes such a difference in our energy and general mental health. I don’t even see the demons in my toilet anymore …

As always, thanks for your continued support! Love you guys!


Wheel snipe celly, boys, ferda!
I’m so glad to be bringing you this episode, which is all about my show-of-the-year, Letterkenny!
I tied Josh to a chair and made him watch the first three seasons (plus specials) and then we sat down together – in the same room, even – and recorded the episode to which you’re about to listen.
Seriously, I love Letterkenny so much, you guys. Find a way to watch it, I beg you.
I hope you dig the episode – And don’t worry, those of you that complained about the lack of improv on our last episode or two will find that we’re back at it with this one. Is it any good? Not for me to say. (Sure it is.)
Until next time, you fucking degens!



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