123 – Disturbance in the Force


Okay let me just jump in with an apology and a series of excuses. Sorry we’re late on getting this one up. I had a migraine . . . and it was Valentines Day . . . followed by a spouse’s birthday. I feel like time has never been more finite. Still points for getting it done at all right?

In this one we dive into Star Wars: The Last Jedi with many strong opinions to share. There’s spoilers and some complaining followed by praise. It’s a movie and a fandom divided. Let’s talk about that.

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What can I say, folks? This one’s late.
Am I sorry? Absolutely!
Have we ever been this late before? No, we have not.
Will it ever happen again? Shit, probably.

In this one we dig into the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. It’s a real mixed bag.
The movie, I mean. The podcast is great. C’mon.



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