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We talk about another MCU Netflix show despite being let down recently. After several missteps, it was looking like maybe these shows weren’t so good after all. Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the culmination of everything; The Defenders, all felt like failures in an otherwise great setup. Punisher wasn’t even planned as a show originally, so putting faith in it seemed like a real gamble. As this was approaching the make or break point, whatever show came next would be the deciding factor for most. Are the Netflix MCU shows worth watching anymore?

Well I’m happy to report that despite this being the goriest and most violent one so far it should not be missed, and is a return to form. This was the decider and it delivered. Listen to find out why we feel this way and what’s to come.


We need to talk about The Punisher.
His grades have been slipping, he’s been missing a lot of class, and frankly, I don’t care for his attitude. If he doesn’t shape up, and I mean right now, we’re looking at serious disciplinary action – suspension, maybe even expulsion. We’ll give him until the end of the semester to turn things around, but if we don’t see noticable improvement by then, he’s out.



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