128 – Like a Glove


Let me start off by simply saying SPOILER ALERT. We talk openly about Black Panther and Avengers Infinity War in this episode, so you might only want to listen if you’ve seen them, or don’t mind knowing what happens. We’ll be here waiting until after you’re caught up. Alright with that out of the way it’s probably a surprise to no one that we’re here talking about the MCU again. What is surprising though is that they’re coming out too fast for us to keep up with. We haven’t even done our episode on Black Panther and now suddenly it’s Avengers time again. Also we have been thinking it might be better if we were more current than we’ve been in the past, and actually cover something that just came out for a change. That does run the risk of being less detailed because it might require things to be combined like today, but you’ll see it sooner. So let us know what you prefer.

Anyone notice how much Marvel is killing it recently? Black Panther broke records and delivered in every way possible. It became a cultural phenomenon and was one more step towards the conclusion the MCU had been building to. Avengers Infinity War is the first part of that culmination and it felt exactly right. It delivered what should have been impossible, and did so with out having to sacrifice anything that came before. Like this was always the exact movie planned since the infinity stones were first introduced. Almost as if everything was written and filmed from the beginning together. It just fit.

I for one can’t wait to see what’s next. As always thank you for listening and sharing. If you have comments or questions please shoot them our way and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. See you next time!


Josh gets mad at me for half-assing these posts.
I’ll be honest, I don’t even quarter-ass them.
I don’t think anyone reads them, at all, so why put that much ass into it.
If you read this, please, leave a comment below. Maybe I’ll improve to half-assed.



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