133 – ATWW Live


This episode is a day late, so we did it live and in real time to make up for it. Now it’s the same as a regular episode! Maybe don’t check the math on that?

So unfortunately this means that even the sketches are completely improvised, unedited and super raw. We couldn’t cherry pick the better ones leaving everything exactly as we performed it . . .

Please forgive us.


What do the professionals do when they run into technical difficulties or scheduling issues, or crippling ennui?
Well, as far as I can tell they say, “Fuck it, let’s do it live!”
Here’s an episode, straight from our flappy mouth holes, to your squirrelly little ear sockets, with almost no editing to speak of. (I did run everything through a noise filter, and add intro music, but other than that, zero editing.) Why?
Fuck it, let’s do it live, that’s why!



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