137 – Sack of Mystery


This podcast is a lot like a Sack of Mystery from one of my favorite shows. Whenever we put money into it, it mysteriously disappears. Speaking of great mysteries I highly recommend you watch said show because it’s great and so are you. It’s called Gravity Falls and it’s filled with all the things everyone loves. We do get into a few spoilers though so listen up to that point, go watch the show and then come back here to finish. Don’t worry we give you a clear warning before that happens.

Also Claire was on this episode and she killed it! Yay for that! Please do all the social media stuff and help us grow. See you next time!


Hello friends and enemies,
Welcome to our most recent episode! It’s a pretty fun one, if I do say so myself. My daughter, Claire, who is now 10, joins us to talk about her favorite show Gravity Falls, and then sticks around for some pretty great improv. I want to be crystal clear – she came up with her own characters and details with no coaching from either of us. She’s a natural improvisor!
I hope you enjoy the episode, and we’ll see you next time!



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