144 – Best of 2018


We survived!

Every year comes to an end and with it comes this episode. Sure 2018 was a particularly challenging one filled with awful things and realizations about those we call family and friends . . . but it had its good parts as well. We’re here to forget about the not so great things for a moment, and to focus on what we loved getting lost in during this constantly growing divide. These are our picks for what we enjoyed most in entertainment for 2018. Have a listen and you might just agree.

Now raise your glass to a fantastic 2019!


Welcome to 2019 Party People!
It’s my last full year of my 30s, how ’bout that!
Also, we have this podcast that we put out, called A Trouble with Words. It’s ok.
It’s time for our annual look back at the year that was, primarily through the lens of the media we consumed this year, which is definitely the only thing that matters, when you get right down to it.
I hope you enjoy the episode, cause if you don’t, why are we even doing this?



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