150 – Blockbuster

In what will go down in history as the greatest April Fools Day prank ever pulled off, there was no episode posted yesterday. We were suppose to but we didn’t. Classic.

Anyway this one is about the latest MCU offering Captain Marvel and all the stupid made up controversy surrounding it. I’m pretty tired from PAX East still so I’ll just say this. If you hated this movie just to hate it then you’re wrong and really need to reconsider. Give it a chance. It made a ton of money despite some people’s best efforts and overall was a great time. We address all of that and keep things completely spoiler free so don’t worry.

See you next time for our annual PAX East video episode where we show off some more hidden gems in gaming. Stay fresh cheese bags!


Hey, we didn’t post an episode yesterday because it was April Fool’s Day, and you would have been waiting for jokey-jokes the whole time – by waiting a day, you can now listen to this episode, safe and secure in the knowledge that there is *nothing* funny about what we’re doing here. That’s my promise to you!



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