151 – PAX East 2019


I can’t believe it’s PAX time already! April 15th really sneaks up on you. Make sure you claim all of your dependents or else you won’t … get good returns? I don’t know, this joke got away from me. Please enjoy this video episode where we cover PAX East 2019 because we made it just for you! Also it’s pretty good if I do say so myself.

Ok so I realize it’s actually the 16th and I’m a day late getting this up. Computers, am I right? Computers and headaches that is. One and the same? Anyway we’re rarely actually late posting, and it’s beyond frustrating when it happens. Please forgive us and know that it couldn’t be helped. Also check out the episode and learn about some really cool possibly unknown games that we discovered at PAX East 2019! Thanks for watching and listening!


Hi, it’s me. Welcome to my half of the post.
I’d like you to stop, and go back to Josh’s post. Read it again. He puts so much time and effort – care – into his posts. Mine are just, sloppy, hurried, rushing things. Just enough words to call it a post. Too few, and Josh will yell at me. Too many? Well, that’s never happened before. I ain’t got that kinda time. Well, let’s be honest, I’ve got time, it’s the motivation I’m lacking.
No one reads this anyway, except for Amanda. I’m not even sure Josh reads it, Just copies and pastes it.
But, I wrote it, so it can sit there, and look right on the page. That’s it job. Page balance.
Oh, enjoy the episode! I haven’t seen it yet!





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