201 – best of 2020

Happy Season 2 everyone!
They said this last year would never end . . . but they didn’t count on us missing you all so much. Missing each other. Desperately wanting to talk about nonsense that doesn’t matter again. It was our duty to make this episode and close out the year officially. Frankly it was too big of a risk not doing it. There was just too much at stake, and despite all the loss and challenges we faced it was time to put on our podcast pants again.

Holy Toledo, we’re back, mothereffers!
Nobody asked for this! (Actually, like… some of you did? That’s wild. Thank you!)
Feels good to jump back in with an A Trouble with Words *classic*, the annual Best Of episode. It’s like we were never really gone at all! We were though. For a long time. It’s weird that you don’t remember that.


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